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Opaque RP

Opaque RP

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multifandom roleplaying game.

Opacity RP

Two worlds wound around a singular object - the Mirror. On one side is the real world, where life is boring, mundane, but peaceful. Free. On the other, there is Opaque, the world of reflections. In this world, darkness reigns supreme, with shadows curling at every edge.

To those that live in the reflected world, there is a single hope for freedom: solve the puzzle left behind by the Powers. Some strive for the light, reaching to break through the Mirror, while some thrive in the darkness, partaking in the pain and suffering of others.

Whichever is chosen, whichever is desired, it all comes down to one thing - can you survive long enough to solve the puzzle weaved through the Mirror and earn your freedom?

And if you do... can you live with the sacrifice needed to achieve it?